Medical Mission

The Health Foundation aims to create awareness and promote healthy practices for management of various diseases in the general public.

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Our work is made possible mainly by the support of generous Pakistan. We rely on people like you to donate to our programs and appeals so we can provide vital short and long-term help to people.

We Need Volunteers

Volunteers working on the Medical project in Pakistan can get hands-on experience working with local doctors and nurses in small local clinics.

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Be A Volunteer Today

Volunteers are the backbone of HPF. Support of volunteers, We able to grant the success of our programs.

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You May Save The Life of A Child

On your way to work, you pass a small pond. On hot days, children sometimes play in the pond, which is only about knee-deep..

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Children That Needs Care

With your generous donation and support, we are able to provide valuable services to peoples. Your support allows us to help improve the lives of peoples those who are not able to Survive their Financial Issues.